O contato árabe-português no Brasil: descrição sociolinguística-demográfica

Maria Youssef Abreu


With increasing population movements due to immigration and greater geographical and social mobility, contact between cultures and individuals are constantly growing. Brazil presents all the characteristics of a multilingual country due to way in which it was colonized. This article takes the linguistic contact as the main theme in its development, focusing attention on history of contact between the Portuguese and Arabic in Brazil. The starting point of this contact occurred by the presence of Islamic African slaves, brought to Brazil at the beginning of the nineteenth century. This contact was reestablished in the beginning of the twentieth century through the Lebanese immigration. These two historical aspects are contemplated as well as the sociolinguistics and demographic description of the bilingual community, and the relations of power among the groups in the community.


Key-words:  languages in contact, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese



línguas em contato, análise linguística

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